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Grade 10-12 Course Registrations

Registration:  This is the login page you can use to register for grade 10-12 online and print courses.  Click on the - External Self-Registration – link above the Login menu. 

If you have already logged into this new site use your existing username and password and DO NOT create a new account.  If this is the first time to this new site you will have to select “I do not have a username and password” even though you may have an account on the old site as your old username and password will not work here. At the end of the registration you will be provided with your username and temporary password for this new site.

When you login you will find your course listed under your My Courses section.  You will need to complete a Startup Assignment for every online and print course you sign up for.

Accessing Active Courses:  This is also the login page that you will use to access your active courses once you have submitted your Startup Assignment.  The active courses can also be found under your My Courses section once your registration is complete.

Grade 8-9 Course Registrations

Accessing Active Courses:  This is the login page for all your online and print courses that have been set up by your VLN counsellor.  You would have been given a Username and Password at the time you registered.  If you have forgotten this information please email VLNSupport@vsb.bc.ca.

For further information please visit our web site at http://vlns.ca
Good luck with your courses!

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External Self-Registration

If you cannot login or you have forgotten your login information, please send an email to:VLNSupport@vsb.bc.ca